Dance Of Fire » by SarThePhotographer)

« Purposefulness » is the first of a series of short segues that I have put together in the hopes of joining existing compositions into one continuous piece of music.

In order to preserve the surprise, I won't disclose the details of the other compositions, nor the title of the overall resulting piece. Those of you familiar with the repertoire of Poligraf will possibly recognize some of the themes that are revisited in each of the transitions, and will thus perhaps be able to guess the whole, along with the respective roles of each of the segues.

The demo is all instrumental. Here's the accompanying poetry :

is the aim too lofty
is the mountain too high
the riddle too knotty
or the desert too dry

how can it be enough
if the goal is so near
how can it be too tough
if the prize is so dear

how can it be too late
if there is still some life
why stop at the last gate
when the roads are so rife

in your going forward
even against the stream
never become deterred
hold on tight to the dream

just keep ploughing ahead
be wary when crossing
the marshes of the dead
maintain your flame burning

no point in lingering
avoid meandering
the path is unfolding
keep that engine running

know that the inception
was not a deception
but an intimation
of the destination

inside still shines the way
bright as the light of day
no reward in dismay
no time to go astray

whatever the question
no matter the duress
you'll find the solution
in your purposefulness

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