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Give to the poor, the sick, the helpless and the forlorn. Give to the orphans, the decrepit, the blind and the helpless widows. Give to Sannyasins and to religious and social institutions.
Charity should be bestowed with humility and joy. You should feel that you are highly honored in getting an opportunity of being of service to another. You must feel that you are actually the receiver. Thank the man who gives you all opportunity of serving trim by doing charity. Give with the right mental attitude, with love and humility, and realize God through charitable acts.

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on Swami Sivananda: on the Website of Divine Life Society, Photographs of Swami Sivananda, German Pages on Swami Sivananda

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Comment by Dr SWAAMEE_APRTEMAANANDAA_JEE on May 30, 2010 at 10:36pm
TRUE......! The all merciful benevolent GOD can be REALIZED by SERVING humbly the NEEDY, FINANCIALLY POOR, ILL, SICK, WRETCHED, DOWN-TRODDEN fellow MAANAVAS and other organisms/life-forms in this material world. The SELFLESS CHARITY is the EASIEST way to get moved ONESELF faster further on the path of the GOD-REALIZATION.....!


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