Won’t it feel awfully unfair if a true yoga enthusiast misses out on the most valuable learning experience of yoga for money crunch? This ancient art of living is a self-empowering discipline that holds no bar to none, but if you wish to be entitled to its benefits, hard work has to be put in. Today, we have amazing scholarship programs on offer for yoga teacher training in India, in the land where it all began, and it’s not that hard to score yourself one if you have a rock-solid dedication and love for yoga.


The Yoga Alliance certified institutes in India follow a simple set of criteria for shortlisting aspirants for a yoga ttc on scholarship. Win yourself one by keeping in mind the following points:

Basic Level Trainees Get More Preference

Basic level practitioners always have an edge over advanced yogis when it comes to scholarships by RYS category yoga schools. It is considered for the enhancement of the yoga world to take beginning yogis further into the core of the journey by facilitating advanced studies. The more beginners involve with yoga, better will be the growth and outreach. If you know a dedicated practitioner who wants to take it to the next level or you yourself are looking to blossom and flourish with a strong foundation in this art of life, seek scholarship vouchers from reputed RYS of India.

You need to gather not more than a year or a couple of years of experience in institutionalized practice or self-discipline in yoga before applying for scholarship in YTTC.

A Reference Won’t Hurt

Have a good yoga soul refer your name for yoga teacher training in India to the school you plan to take the scholarship from. An alumnus of the school who knows you well and understands your passion for yoga can bridge the gap between the needy and the facilitator perfectly in this case.

It is considered a gesture of goodwill and respect to spread the word about a school’s positive contribution to the yoga world by referring other yoga enthusiasts to join the movement. Ask your benefactor from the school to address a letter to the authorities defining

  • your interest in joining their program,
  • the hindrances you are facing in taking up one of the regular courses, either financial or otherwise,
  • your fortes and your weaknesses in the context of yoga,
  • your willingness to contribute selflessly to the society by the means of Karma Yoga,
  • your knack for spreading the light of yoga in the world by taking it up as a vocation, and
  • a testimonial to your moral conduct.

Laidback Yogis Don’t Get Too Far

To be into yoga does not mean signing off hard work. To achieve anything there has to be a struggle and the one who stands up to the challenge with heart, courage, and dedication deserves the praise, and in this case, a scholarship.

To win a 200 hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, you need to keep sworn to the discipline yoga TTC entails. The straight fact is, TTCs are rigorous affairs and this sometimes leads novices to opt out or spending the course time in other engagements. If you think you have got the guts to hang on to the rigor, only then you might apply.

Yoga must not be used as a license to laze away time, that’s the long and short of it.

Be Ready to Perform Some Actual Karma

Yoga defines Karma as selfless action, working as per duty of the moment without attaching oneself to the rewards of the effort. This motivation for action is not the attainment of heaven or relief from the pain of hell, the outcome is far deeper than reasons of morality. The goal of completing the cycle of Karma is Mukti or freedom.

This profound metaphysical concept is brought to life through teacher training in yoga. Karma yoga practice involves service to the society by lending a hand in the cleaning of the school premises and the vicinity. RYS offering scholarship with 200-hour YTTC in Rishikesh involves a manifold Karma Yoga curriculum which a scholarship student must realize.

Is Your Crisis Evident?

Scholarship programs are special aides for the needy and therefore an applicant must provide evident signs of financial incapacity to the school administration in order to avail a grant. Proper documents of income and savings must be provided to show how a scholarship yoga learning program would benefit your cause.

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