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Yogasth bhava. Reiki, the healing energy, it usually said and it is a general belief among the people that the Reiki healing energy is faith energy before I say something about Reiki I would like to mention, I would like to describe this energy because energy is all that is. Reiki is wisdom full, scientific and spiritual energy

Energy forms
some of the energy forms we know sound, light, x- rays, etc. these are all forms of energy, energy spectrum. the only difference is that they are vibrating at different rates of vibration.

We as humans, as human beings we are also made up of or comprised of energy.

for example, the specific value of electric output of the heart is measured by ECG.

likewise we can measure the waves of the brain by EEG.
We are familiar with some sources of energy like cold, gas, electricity, wind, caloric value in food and nutrition, but the definition of energy is much broader than that. The great scientist, Einstien, and many other quantum physicists say that in the universe everything exists in the form of Atom or Energy. Whatever exists in the universe at the atomic level is energy. Vibrating at different rates.

similarly, the whole biological output is measured by Electromyograph. And it is found the normal rates or normal range of vibration of the whole body is around 250 or 260 cycles per second.

What do we understand by this, the science has confirmed that the energies different forms something to do with the universe and with the human body.

The research was done on human beings and it was found that the normal people who did not follow any particular spiritual path or would do some kind of meditation or healing, their biological output was found as I said around 250 or 260 cycles per second

But the same test they were done on some people who were doing some kind of energy healing like Reiki or using some kind of psychic ability or following some kind of meditation and all. So their rates of vibration traditionally on the spots as we know them Kundalini in yoga as chakras they were terrific. The frequency, the vibratory rate was found somewhere between 400 to 800 cycles per second. Even some great mediators or the healer or the psychics was more than 900 cycle per second.

What is that energy? indifferent tradition, we give it a different name as we call it “Prana” in China it is called “Chi” in japan it is called “ki” in Russia and other countries it is called “Bioplasma”.

so what is this energy and how whereas the normal rates of vibration 250 or 260 cycles per second how the rate of vibration in such people those who were healers, those who were meditators, those who were following the spiritual path, the rate was as high as 800 cycles per second or 900 cycles per second or something.

what does this scientific research show? We must understand it. more the rate of vibration of any organism, more it will be pure, healthy, and even there may be some such good quality. you know we have the emotional energy, we have psychic energy, we have biological energy, we have electromagnetic energy.

so the different forms of energy were found differently when they were doing something different, and that is the beauty of Reiki. It is not faith only

now in this corona culture, I would like to say you something, the corona is also an organism, a very minute virus it had its energy if we anyhow happen to increase, enhance the rate of our biochemical makeup, biochemical energy it will defiantly strengthen and enhance our immunity and our strength to maybe fight such organism and all.


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