Reiki in Rishikesh with Yogi Buddhadeva

Do you want to make a 100 percent total effort to handle the blockages in your path , especially those which are a cause of disease , failure and other dweshas ? Even I wanted to do the same ever since , I was five . But like a lot of Homo-sapiens , I also thought that I know how to live & why take guidance on such a small issue .
Reiki initiation experience
After all , just reacting & not knowing the science of karma , appropriate resources and being limited to five senses is all that life is about. Living life , is that really important? I was a dead soul with a wrongly conditioned mind and being controlled by the negativity of the kalyug when I started Reiki and Yoga with Guruji , 12 years ago . The first Reiki session , when I got initiated into this world of miracles was a spiritual storm that started uprooting all the negative conditioning of my mind .

This  is  important  to  appreciate  that  in  the  kalyug  , the  collective  energy  is  of  a  grand  rat  race  where  we  all  are  busy  in  outdoing  each  other. This  is  required  as  well  but  the  Kalki  Sarvashakti  System( The  teachings  for  preservation  of  life  on  earth  &  balance  in  the  cosmos) reminds  in  its  first  observation  that  “ SURVIVAL  OF  THE  FITTEST” is  a  reality  even  today .

Why Reiki?

Animals  compete  with  each  other  in  the  forest  and  humanity  competes  in  the  space  of  man-made realities . Guruji made  me  realize in  the  many , interesting  and  very  popular  reiki  sessions  that  I  attended  at  the  ashram  that  being  guided by  Reiki  is  that  foundation  of  being  spiritually  fit . As  I  practiced  reiki , it  connected  me  to  the  divine  .

WHY Yoga?

The  regular  yoga  classes  in  the  month  of  April 2008 ensured that  the  Grace  given  by  God  was  received  by  the body  as  well . Reiki  changed  my  perception  from  a  problem – stressed  mind  to  a  solution-seeking  mentality . This  shift  itself  start  making  you  feel  responsible  for  the  issues  in  your  life &  you  realize  if  you  have attracted  these challenges  then  reiki  gives  you  the  purification , empowerment , protection , discipline  and  opportunity  to  heal  your  life .

why  is  reiki  essential  for  one  and  all?

A  question  that  comes  up , when  there  are  so  many  way  to  connect  to  the  Creator  of  the  Universe , then  why  is  reiki  essential  for  one  and  all . The  answer is  too  long  to  be  expressed  in  one  blog  but in  very  few  ending  words – Reiki  is  universal  energy  that  balances  you  from  within , increases  chances  of  worldly  achievements  and   starts  the  journey  of  discovering  the  REALITY  within  you. All  this  happens  with the  simplest  possible  saadhna that  even  the  busiest  of  people  can  find  time  for . In  the  next  blogs I  will  progressively  talk  about  the  impossible  tasks  I  achieved  with  the  blessings  of  Yogi  Buddhadeva . Any  topics  you  want  to  read  about  or  questions  are most  welcome.

concept of consciousness

Yogi Buddhadeva introduced me to the concept of consciousness in the many satsangs I attended . He had returned from his two years posting at the Embassy of India , Bangkok . He had spread the knowledge of yoga to the people of Thailand & had received lots of accolades and respect for his contribution. I really wished I had received the teachings about consciousness- energy much before .

We are all connected so one thing led to the other and I was asked to heal a person . This person did not have a certain happiness in life but I persisted & fought against destiny to give the person a chance to be happy . Ultimately the healing was successful and my client got the happiness wished for . Since this happiness came by challenging destiny , time played its own games . The price for a short time happiness was a long time of problems .

Reiki Healing’s Effects

Had I known the concept of consciousness-energy , I would have realized some happiness may be there or not , but the architect of the world –God should decide whether a healing is to happen or not . When we force God to give us something that we do not deserve , we cannot handle that issue & that puts our life in depression . I got a chance to help a patient of cancer . Initially I was told to reduce the pain of that person which I did successfully . It was during this healing , I discovered the use of objects rich in prana urja as a means of healing .

Reiki Master Healer Course

During the Master Healer Course itself , I entered a domain which has become—a protector , means of prosperity and stabilizing factor in my life . This domain was the divine world of healing crystals .

Reiki healing and Crystal

Yogi Buddhadeva is a master of healing crystals and has spread the knowledge of crystal healing , given them to his students & transformed many lives . On the day of the  Master Healer Course –I remember the table with wands , bracelets , malas , pyramids etc. made of healing crystals . I had bought the essential crystal wands for a start and today I am selling healing crystals nationally & internationally .I have witnessed the effect of crystals in healing . My maternal grandfather got a chance to get treated for cancer & did come back home after that .


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