Reiki in Rishikesh

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is the unification of two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ meaning spiritually influenced life force energy. Reiki can be simply defined as an advanced and highly superior technique that influences the construction and networking of the universe. It is identical to the prana in kundalini yoga. It is the primal force that is the cause of life in everything.

Reiki in Rishikesh

It is a great tool for stress diminution. It uses ‘Life Force Energy ’to heal, balance, understated drives and energies that reside inside our bodies. Reiki helps in balancing somatic, emotional, psychological, spiritual imbalances that are otherwise responsible for sufferings, turmoil and also account for problematic situations in one’s life. All the levels are taught and students are trained to become healers as well as Reiki masters/teachers under the guidance of Guruji.

Reiki energy is the divine energy that we use for connecting to the higher consciousness. To be at a higher level of awareness. To feel positive. to be in yourself and to feel your real self.

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Symbols in Reiki

In Reiki, symbols play a great role. In Reiki level two we learn about symbols. The symbols are secret and sacred. And there is a different function for every symbol. Like one symbol helps you to balance yourself and heals you emotionally, and another one gives you protection. So different symbols used for different needs or functions.

symbols are the language of our subconscious mind, so it’s easy for us to connect with symbols. We use symbols in our day-to-day life so there is no difficulty to connect to the symbols.

So when we learn Reiki symbols it becomes easier to go healing with symbols. So this is important while doing healing use symbols.

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Benefits of Reiki healing

Reiki healing the simplest method to heal yourself and people around you, your surroundings. you can heal your physical body (any issue related to your body) you can heal your mind (depression, anxiety, stress, fear, phobia, etc..) Reiki heals your emotion (any kind of emotion) your relationships, your plants, your pet, your situation, and so many more.

Reiki helps you to start your spiritual journey. by Reiki healing, you can start balancing the Chakras energy which helps you to awaken your Kundalini energy, your psychic-spiritual power.

Reiki is divine energy. in reiki healing, you connect yourself with divine energy. and rule of energy that energy flows higher to lower and that’s why you feel healed after reiki session because that time you were connected to the divine source.

Reiki for emotional Healing

in Reiki, there is a symbol, especially for emotional healing. which bring balance in your emotions, thoughts, energy, creates harmony, gives you more strength to face the situation, protects you, gives you wisdom.

Distance healing in Reiki

Distance healing is an effectual and helpful, spiritual, psychological, pranic system of channeling energies to an individual /situation /circumstance /who/which is not physically present before us. Distance healing presents the inimitable and exclusive divine favors of guiding positive ways of life to others. Distance healing surpasses the boundaries of terrestrial conditions and can be sent to any place, person and situation.

Distance Healing in Rishikesh

Reiki heals ailments

Reiki is a science of healing. with the help of reiki, we can heal physical illness, mental illness, pranic illness, and not only illness, but reiki also gives us power and positive energy to fight with any kind of ailments.

Reiki is a divine science of healing. in Reiki healing, we know how to connect to the source and how to heal. with the good intention, you can heal any kind of ailments. Reiki is positive energy and heals not only your illness but every aspect of your life.

Reiki creates harmony between you and your energy, your life, your situation, your relationship, your situation, and many more. reiki bring balance in your life.leads you towards your spiritual life.

Reiki is a secret practice. once you get initiated you will know how to heal with Reiki. and know how it works.

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