Reiki Master Healer Course

Reiki Master Healer Course with Yogi Buddhadeva

You would have heard from your parents that a  person can understand parenthood only when that person brings up a  child. This shows the importance of experience. Yogi  Buddhadeva has had very intense spiritual events in his childhood and was extremely mature for his age. Even today  I  have the perception that as the film terminator, he too is a  man of the future who has come back in time to save humanity from annihilation.

This is so because his personality, wisdom, and teachings are far ahead of our times. A  beautiful way of life was introduced to me at the time of the  Reiki  Master  Course. The first was the concept of extreme purification. The origin lies in a common culture all over the world that cleanliness is next to  Godliness.


The second is to base your life on a  passion that brings balance to the  Universe, is the purpose of your incarnation, and one that expresses all your potentials. When life has no mission, we are like a  rudderless boat that is going in directions dictated to us by  Maya so that the faulty karma takes us into a vicious circle of negativity. Maya binds the soul by destructive karma.

Destructive karma is one whose karma-phal brings any kind of imbalance in the  Universe. As such if you see most of the karma done by humanity is destructive, so what is the solution?

Positive Intention

Guruji has taught that once the positivity of pure milk is compromised by adding the negativity of water, pure milk cannot be easily got back. But if we keep on adding pure milk to this mixture then one day all water will flow out and only purity will be left. In the same way, the souls get bound due to sakaam karma, so must we allow this circle of destructive karma to continue.

The other option is to do more  &  more nishkaam karma so that ultimately all our karmic debt vaporizes and goes back to the  Universe.


On the night of  Amavasya, there is No  Moon. So will we stay in  Darkness? In  India on the darkest  Amavasya, we light up so many diyas that prosperity has to come down to  Mother  Earth. If you feel your life is in  Amavasya, your mind is full of negativity based samskaras and you cannot see anything around you due to darkness of despair, always remember that the next day the soothing light of the moon will start emerging very slowly.

Why Reiki Healing?

Thus bravery based patience is very important in extreme testing  times  of  life . The state of my being after becoming a Reiki Master was of extreme catharsis as the lower self was being given divine centrifugation  to separate out the negative aspects of my life. I  was  in  a  toxic  cocoon because  of the  destructive tendencies of  the kalyug which has overpowered me.


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