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THE CARDIO YOGA For15 minutes will burn 300 calories.

Engine Gati: Engine Gati is running on the spot. Yoga has introduced engine gati or Hardya Gati as one of the best of exercise for over all physical benefits. In engine Gati, you have to stand on the ground. Now start running on the spot. Your hands will move like Rail engine ballet in front of you. While running, you will be hitting your hip with your ankles. The entire action has to be sermonized with normal breathing. Your spine, neck and shoulder will remain straight. One should do the engine Gati to begin with 2 minutes, than later on, increase the time according to your capacity.
Prevention: People suffering from Heart problem and knee problem should do engine Gati under the guidance of Yoga Guru.
ii) Shaking Gati: this is one of the best kriya to be done after engine Gati. Although this has been mentioned by one of world renowned guru in his kundalini meditation but here this kriya is a bit different with what has been taught in Kundalini meditation. You have to stand on the ground with your eyes closed. Now start shaking your body, starting from the legs. Slowly - slowly shake your entire body. Involve your mind into this physical kriya, shaking Gati. Now let your whole body shake. Do this kriya minimum for 2 to 3 minutes. After this kriya, lie down on your back in shavasan for five minutes and remain still. Concentrate only on your breathing.
Benefits: These kriyas are very good for cardiovascular system, endocrine system, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system. It influences all Hormonal secretions and relieves you from various gynecological disorders. Both are very good kriya to shed weight. To know more log on to

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