The Greatest Wonder – Words from Sri Ramakrishna

One day somebody asked Sri Ramakrishna “What is the greatest wonder?”

Thakur immediately replied, “The life of a sadhu [see definition below]. All – men, devatas, gandharvas, birds, beasts and insects, even trees and creepers, tread one path but the sadhu treads another – just the opposite one, upstream. Everywhere man and woman unite but the sadhu goes alone. Unless one is alone, one cannot attain to Him. Sadhus goes in company for some time – that of the guru – then he has to go alone till the last…” Without hesitating for a moment, Thakur said these words.”

This quote is taken from the book M, the Apostle and Evangelist, much of which can be found online at

From a Brief Sanskrit Glossary:
Sadhu: Seeker for truth (sat); and person who is practicing spiritual disciplines. Usually this term is applied only to monastics.

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