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I've been nearly completely inactive in my social networks since mid-July or so. Not that I wouldn't have liked to participate, but I have been engrossed in the redaction of the above essay.

When I tackled the project, I thought it would take a few weeks at most, and that I would be able to maintain my regular pace in other activities. However, I soon realized that the endeavour required great amounts of attention, and that the most efficient way of discharging the task was to dedica

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One day somebody asked Sri Ramakrishna “What is the greatest wonder?”

Thakur immediately replied, “The life of a sadhu [see definition below]. All – men, devatas, gandharvas, birds, beasts and insects, even trees and creepers, tread one path but the sadhu treads another – just the opposite one, upstream. Everywhere man and woman unite but the sadhu goes alone. Unless one is alone, one cannot attain to Him. Sadhus goes in company for some time – that of the guru – then he has to go alone till th

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A commentary on the following verse from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras at the Atma Jyoti Blog:
Yoga Sutra 1:3. Then the Seer [Drashta] is established in his own essential and fundamental nature [Swarupa].

From Swami Nirmalananda's commentary: "Self-forgetfulness is the root of all our problems, the essence of samsara itself. Consciousness (chaitanya) is our essential nature. When asked what the Self is, Sri Ramakrishna simply answered: “The witness of the mind.” We are the seer of our individual life

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