The love radiation as energy, as goal of life.

Radiation of Love - Subtle energy of Love. 
Divine Love.

When we speak about emotion of the love, everyone understands it in process of the experience of self feelings.

In the literature there are such examples, as the egoist love or love which receive as a gift, or the Divine love. Some people who have gone through clinical death, say about the meeting with the essence which radiates love and light. This energy of Love attracts us, so as a light attracts a butterflies.

How energy of love influences our consciousness and subconsciousness?

In a condition of love the consciousness and logic do not work. We cannot define danger or state an exact, suitable estimation of events and feelings.

Subtle energy of Love & Divine Love.

My experience has given the chance to feel the love, as radiation of spiritual energy, as a substance, as Divine Love.
It is similar to feelings of people which have received this experience in a condition of clinical death. But I have gone through such feeling not in a condition of clinical death, but in time of channelling. Such strong feeling of love attracts us uncontrollably, how the earth draws us or how the meal attract the hungry person.

Second time I have felt the love, as type of energy when the woman radiated love to its favourite. My feelings have considered, that force of this radiation of love was less, than the first experience. I was between these people suddenly. Now I have an experience of feelings for comparison and an estimation of energy of love.

When energy of love which we receives from others is not enough for us, we start to suffer, some people run into depression. Some people have negative emotions, such as insult, envy, hatred, there is a desire to revenge. These feelings operate is destructive, they can remain in a current of long time, pass from past lives (transformation from past lives). What to do?

The subtle energy emotions.

Many methods which help to remove influence of negative emotions are known. It it can be physical exercises, a pray, meditations, respiratory experts, technics EFT, technics PLT (regress of the past lives moved by means of hypnosis) .

Manufacture of technical devices as accumulators of negative energy of emotions for the therapeutic purposes, it has been begun in 30 years of the last century by W. Reich.

The subsequent researches (Enel - Sarjatin M. V) have shown, that shapes of pyramids are effective as an accumulators of the subtle energy of the emotions.

They does purging the subconsciousness from negative energy of emotion of the past lives.
Healing pyramids of Atlantis.

The such means can work continuously in a current of long time and effectively to delete negative energy of emotions.  Healing pyramids may delete negative energy of past lives.   Diagnostics of Chakras, Karma, Energy of life.


The love radiation as energy (loosh) for Ascension.


"A form of dynamic energy yet to be identified and measured by main stream human civilization is present in all carbon-based organic life. It is this essence in organized form that enters the physical body prior to birth and departs at death presumably more educated and with a minimum of wear and tear. The difference between the human version and that of a cow or a worm is only a degree of complexity of such organization."

Page 63 - 64


(What you call emotion is essential to the basic learning process. It is a specific observable result of exposure to the loosh/love radiation. Therefore, it is the driving force, the creative energy which motivates human thought and action. Without it you would remain as animals.)


But animals show something, it is very close to what I know of as emotion   .   .   .


(What you perceive is a reflection, a response to human radiation of such energy, which has been self-generated or transformed by the human. We will demonstrate this for you if you wish.)

Page 116


(...  Your present consciousness now has a beginning point of reference. It is possible for you to perceive the destination of the rays of pure energy you have called loosh/love as it penetrates into your earth space in several segments of what you call time. We will assist you in your placement within the event.  The delineation, the decision to distinguish must be yours solely. Are you ready to do this?)

Page 112


(....It is but part of a broad spectrum.  One goal is to become the generator and transformer of such radiation. It is important that you perceive the scope and attunement of the recipient. The being on the desert was attuned and therefore was only the recipient, but neither transformer nor generator. The goal is generation and transformation only.  ....)

Page 113


"Far Journeys" R. Monroe,


The levels of consciousnesses as levels of energy (love energy).

How accumulates the Energy for Ascension.



What experience of feeling of love you have gone through?


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