SHASHVAT a fundamental spiritual course takes you on the journey of unfolding your very self and resolving many mysteries of your life.

The course is so designed that it helps enable everyone to become more and more aware of one’s very self and rise to one’s spiritual nature. It is a foundational course, must for every human being above the age of 18 years to develop deep insight and understanding about oneself and one’s life. This basic course is prerequisite and paves the foundation for all those who want to become holistic healer/ facilitator in the Past Life Regression Healing/ Therapy.

Highlights Of The Workshop:
Who am I?
Wherefrom I have come?
Where will I go?
Am I only this body?
What survives death?
Why do we reincarnate?
What is my purpose in being here on this planet earth?
What are my relationships with people around me?
Why I am like this?
Why I am facing such good or bad situations and circumstances in my life?
Why do I feel like this?
What are my deep down desires?
What is the riddle and dynamics of Karma?
What is knowledge about self and about oneself?
Why should I gain this knowledge?
What is spirituality and growth?
What is liberation?
Who liberates?
What is consciousness? And ……..,
(The very fundamental and ultimate question)
What would I really learn and can make the best use of this very course that I am doing – THE SHASHVAT?



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