Treat Poor Eye Vision With These Yoga Exercises

Treat Poor Eye Vision With These Yoga Exercises

In this age of smartphones and laptops, spending hours staring into digital screens has become a normal routine. Owing to this, you might suffer from numerous eye vision problems which worsen with time and age. Some vision problems you might experience include difficulty with distinguishing colours, and problems with focusing on an object. It is why you should include yoga for eye vision in your daily routine.


Yoga experts recommend you should take the appropriate steps to deal with any vision-related problems. There are numerous yoga exercises and techniques that help you maintain good vision even during later years. If left untreated, these can become the reason behind a serious injury or even death. Don't worry! Yoga experts have complete information about how you can maintain a 20/20 vision.


First, let us see what poor vision does to your health and overall well-being.


How A Poor Vision Can Hurt You?


Given below are four reasons why you should take a poor vision seriously and devise the best strategy to deal with it.


1. A Sign Of Underlying Health Issues


Ageing is not the only thing that affects your vision. There are many health conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension which also increase your risk of eye problems. You would be surprised to know this but, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in many developed nations.


Moreover, a high blood sugar level also causes blurred vision which impacts your ability to see clearly at night.


2. Increases Risk Of Death


Do you know that poor vision can interfere with your ability to carry out daily tasks, also known as Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living (IADL)? These include grocery shopping, doing your work, and using the telephone.


Unfortunately, a study found that a decrease in IADL is linked to an increased risk of death. Studies have shown that those with a reduced amount of IADL had an increased mortality rate. It is reasoned enough for you to include some yoga for eye vision in your daily routine.


3. Can Cause Anxiety


Medical studies conducted a few years back found that problems with vision were associated with an increased risk of anxiety. Moreover, a link has been established between those suffering from anxiety and poor life quality.


In other words, in comparison to the general aged population with perfect eye vision, those with poor vision had more symptoms of anxiety.


4. Less Vision, More Falls


A study conducted back in 2007 found that loss of Visual Field Function raised the risk of accidental falls in adults.


Visual Field Function refers to the total area in which you can see objects using peripheral vision with both eyes focused on a central object. You should join the Yoga Alliance certification program to practice the best yoga poses and keep your eye vision perfect.


How Can Yoga For Eye Vision Help Me?


A problem with eye vision occurs as a result of the malfunctioning of ocular muscles. This problem can arise due to mental or emotional tension. Luckily, you have yoga for eye vision which has numerous relaxation techniques that alleviate this problem.


With that said, given below are three yoga exercises to help you keep a good vision.


1. Palming


  • Sit with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths to relax.


  • Rub the palms of your hand till they are warm.


  • Place them gently on your eyelids.


  • Feel the warmth of your palms being transferred onto your eyes and eye muscles.


  • Keep your eyes closed. Lower your hands and let the dryness go away.


  • Repeat this process at least three times.


2. Front & Sideways Viewing


  • Sit on the yoga mat with your feet straight and in front of you.


  • Close your left fist. Place it on the left knee and keep your thumb pointing upwards.


  • Focus on the point straight in front of you and in level with your eyes.


  • Keep your head fixed in this position.


  • Exhale. Focus your eyes on the left thumb.


  • Inhale. Focus your eyes on the point in front of you and in level with your eyes.


  • Repeat the process with your right thumb.


  • Close your eyes and rest.


Note: This is an effective yoga for eye vision exercise that keeps you safe from numerous vision-related problems.


3. Blinking


  • Sit comfortably with your eyes open.


  • Blink for around 10 times very quickly.


  • Close your eyes. Relax for 20 seconds.


  • Bring your attention towards your breath.


  • Repeat this exercise five more times.




Do you suffer from poor vision? You should include this yoga for eye vision exercises in your daily routine to get rid of this issue. These exercises regulate the pressure and improve the functioning of your optic nerves. It helps you get rid of the dryness which occurs due to long-term exposure to digital devices.

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