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Kundalni is a subtle power; she lies dormant in each and every body. It is a cosmic
power; it is in the form of a serpent and lies coiled up in the Muldhara Chakra. The details about the chakras are given in the succeeding chapter. Kundalni is that dormant cosmic power within us that underlies all organic and inorganic matter. No words theory or thesis can describe this divine power. But for the purposes of understanding it is to be realized that this force is not like electricity, centrifugal or a centripetal force. It is a cosmic power a spiritual force.
Divine powers have a very subtle ways of manifestation; they are not visible to the eye. Seekers of the divine knowledge find themselves at a loss when even concerted efforts do not bear fruit or results. Just remember without awakening of this power nothing happens, very little spiritual progress is made, one toils for years and no experiences come by. Most seekers of knowledgeare ignorant of this fact hence some get frustrated and give up.Kundalni is awakened by proper initiation by a Vedic Guru, mantra japa, pranayama etc.
There are other means also which are not discussed here. One should not get involved in awakening of this dormant power prematurely without guidance and supervision. This power awakens gradually in those people who practice japa and meditation, no other extra effort is required, yes, asana and pranayama etc. certainly help in its awakening. A word of caution to seekers, do not attempt to awaken this power without help of a qualified Guru, results can be disastrous. Persons teaching yoga asana in normal way as yoga instructors or teachers may not be qualified for this job. One must learn this practice under Realized Souls who may not be
easy to find.Once the Kundalni awakens, during meditation one starts getting divine visions, divine smell, divine taste, one can feel divine touches and hear divine sounds. Nature starts unfolding its secrets. There is movement in the region of the Muldhara chakra; vibrations are experienced during meditation. One starts to transcend the present state of consciousness and feels a state of bliss never experienced before. Once Kundalni starts to move up from the Muldhara chakra up to the Sahasrara chakra in the head, many knots block this path. The knots are gradually unlocked
by meditation or other means and one reaches the state of Super Consciousness when the Kundalni reaches the Sahasrara.

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