Everyone should undergo Past Life Regression sessions because there are numerous people aren’t undergone such past life regression sessions. If we’ve never lived before and we are here just accidentally and it also involves here the first time, then are you able to tell me why can we carry sometimes certain different behavior, psychic behavior, memories, different sorts of traits.

Even twins those that are born together, they appear alike, they appear the same physic, eyes, feature etc..but their thinking could also be vastly different why?

Their behavior could also be vastly different, their liking could also be vastly different, their inclinations, desires may different. Why, what’s the cause behind. they’re born the primary time, why they differ in numerous things, memory, desire, liking, intention, inclination, why?

This only indicates something else has been there before birth.

Past Life Regression in Rishikesh

Mind knows everything

What happens in past life regression Last Wednesday, what we ate, can anybody tell, no, but our subconscious knows if last Wednesday there was some ceremony, celebration, someone’s birthday or something special happens then you remember. So what’s significant, mind record everything, everything means everything.

Life Coaching in Rishikesh

Suppose I’m watching you but my mind recording all the items around me. the mind is recording every single detail. The mind is sort of a camera and most of the knowledge which isn’t important or which can be important than it slips back to the subconscious so your unconscious is your storehouse, lifetime to lifetime it records all. So it’s not the very first time that you simply are here, the soul records everything.

Intercellular memory

There is term cellular memory, it’s a scientific term, even our body cells have intercellular memory, we will speak to our body organs like liver, kidney, lungs, heart.

What happens during Past Life Regression sessions

maybe nothing will happen if it’s not needed

maybe some memory will come,

in Past Life Regression, sometime you’ll be visualizing, sometime you’ll be feeling, because it’s going to depend upon the ability or capability given by God to you, that you are auditory much, otherwise, you are visualizing much, or you are feeling much, what level of your soul or personality working but one thing is sour, very very sour that your emotional mental healing happens at a deep level(karmic level) and that is most important.

medical checkup:- defiantly you do not have any problem, still, we attend the hospital for a routine checkup That’s like one should undergo the session like Past Life Regression and definitely under good guidance in order that there’s numerous negative emotion, patterns, we interact with people, we faced things, life challenges, and everyone.

They’re there in our subconscious, they have to scrub what happen in past life. In Past Life Regression healing happens on a karmic level, something will begin, you’ll get transformation.


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