During the last few decades, the holistic art of Yoga has taken this generation by a storm. A number of people across the planet arrive at Yoga’s birth land, India with the aim to get introduced to the spiritual art form. Among all the locations in India, Kerala has always been one of the foremost choices of Yoga enthusiasts to learn and practice the India-born art. The land of coconuts and charming backwaters, Kerala offers a climate of utmost serenity that entices the travellers and yogis.


A perfect blend of modernism and spirituality, Kerala is the ideal place to sink into the trench of yogic knowledge.


Training in the vicinity of alluring nature

The southern province of India is a land of superlative comeliness. The National Geographic Traveler has listed the God’s own land among the 13 paradises on the planet. Yoga on the trails of the picturesque mountains, besides the riverside of Periyar, and on the delightful shores of Arabian Sea is something one can only dream of. If one is seeking for a complete immersion in the Yogic sea, going for a Yoga retreat in Kerala is highly recommended.


Choose from a wide array of programs

Given the huge number of Yoga schools focusing on traditional as well as contemporary Yoga styles, one is sure to benefit, whether he/she is an expert or a newbie. From a 5-Day workshop to a Year-Long program and from Meditation-Specialized classes to Yoga Therapy Courses, there are droves of programs to choose from. While many of these Yoga programs are concentrated towards curing various diseases, a number of them are focussed on complete rejuvenation. Programs such as 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga teacher training in Kerala can act as a perfect road towards becoming an Internationally accredited Yoga teacher and a serious practitioner.


Enjoy the bonus of Ayurveda

And this is what one misses when he/she is doing Yoga, not in Kerala- Authentic, Enrooted ‘Ayurveda’. Being the land of its origin, Kerala is the place of the largest number of Ayurveda institutes in the globe. While in rest of the world the healing science is practiced as an alternative application, Kerala celebrates Ayurveda as a mainstream medicinal system. Almost all the Vedic institutes offer Yoga training in addition to Ayurveda training in Kerala.


Learn traditional Yoga on a budget

Unlike other locations, the cultural hub of India satiates the needs of everybody, thanks to the flawless meld of economic and lavish accessibility of food and accommodation. Apart from this, a number of Yoga schools offer Yoga packages based on scholarships. Plus, Yoga training in Kerala is rooted in ancient and traditional teachings. Although many of the schools teach contemporary Yoga styles such as Hot Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga, etc., their major concentrations are entrenched in the basics of Yoga emanated from ancient books such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Yoga Upanishads, etc.


Coupled with the limitless physical, mental, and spiritual advantages and utter rejuvenation it offers, going for a Yoga holiday in Kerala is really a spellbinding experience, backed by the aforementioned points.

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