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yoga and ayurveda

Yoga has had world by storm. The lots of people who practice some kind of yoga has doubled in the past five years, and is now calculated in billion. Good number ofphysical fitness organizations provide yoga training courses, and yoga was named among two fastest-developing sectors of the exercise enterprise.Whilst so many view yoga as a milder way to workouts, the majority of long time specialists believe that yoga is absolutely not just physical — it delivers harmony inmind, emotions and conscio
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Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda the old Indian study of living, has tended to itself to the basic standards of good wellbeing and life span. It has built up a custom of medication and an arrangement of treatment dependent on the intrinsic capacity of human body to revive, to mend and to reestablish its characteristic parity.

When I got some information about the connection among yoga and ayurveda. His straightforward clarification was, "Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the act of the science." - dr anil , sanjeevana

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During the last few decades, the holistic art of Yoga has taken this generation by a storm. A number of people across the planet arrive at Yoga’s birth land, India with the aim to get introduced to the spiritual art form. Among all the locations in India, Kerala has always been one of the foremost choices of Yoga enthusiasts to learn and practice the India-born art. The land of coconuts and charming backwaters, Kerala offers a climate of utmost serenity that entices the travellers and yogis.


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