Yantras and Mandalas


I'm just getting ready for my talk on Friday at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. The topic "Yantras, visual tools that help you to enhance your meditation practice.

Yantras help you to transform your patterns of mind intohabits of thought that will bring about the results that you desire. You can use yantras to bring about deep healing. They are active energy systems that can assist you in deflecting negative energies and maintaining internal harmony.

Yantras are best understood as being tools to enhance potentials that your already have. They cannot force something to happen that is against your karma. For example, you cannot force somebody to love you, nor can you force prosperity to come to you. But you can use a yantra to speed up the process if the potential exists. Yantras also assist you in removing obstacles to your meditation practice that may exist. It is important that you use yantras with the utmost respect as careless treatment reduces their power.

More tomorrow ....
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  • om..some thoughts on karma...reaction and non-action both create karma..but conscious action transcends it..a soldier shooting in a war and a police man using tear gas do not create karma,but a doctor who fails to attend to a patient in need incurs karma.. through knowledge and devotion, lets transcend all karma...and be free..
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