Yoga has great health benefits but not many people know that its yoga also helps in getting a good night's sleep. Certain poses if practiced with concentration and deep breathing provide calmness to your mind and release and reduce the physical and mental tension of the body. There are many restorative yoga poses which use props such as straps, blanket, wood block under your forehead and neck to encourage relaxation in eyes and provide a soothing effect to the nervous system. It also includes deep inhalation and exhalation practices, which again provide relief to mind and body.

You can start with any of the easiest asanas to get a better sleep. Some of them are described below:-

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose-

Bow down to your hands and feet like a dog facing/looking down. Bend your knees while lifting off your heels from the mat, and allow your spine to arch, and press your navel towards your thighs. Remain like this for five breaths and then release.

2. Seated Heart Opener Pose-

Start by sitting on your shins in Hero Pose. Interlock your hands behind in double fist style, while pressing the tips of your palms together. Bring down your pressed palms towards the ground, while opening through your shoulders and chest. You can release your hands after five breaths.

3. Child's Pose-

This is the most relaxing yoga pose. In this, you must sit back between your heels, and exhale while you lower your abdomen between your knees. Relax every part of the body and hold this pose for five deep breaths.

4. Cobra Pose-

Lie down on your stomach and move-in your hands such that your chest is lifted off the ground. Your hips and legs should be resting on the floor with your shoulders relaxed and distanced from your ears. Now lower your head back between the edges of your shoulders for stretching the front part of your neck. Maintain this pose for five breaths.

5. Happy Baby Pose-

Lie down on your back with bent knees, and hold onto your feet, ankles, or back part of your thighs. Gently tug your legs towards the floor and hold still or rock gently from side to side. Carry out these movements for five breaths.

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