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9078798684?profile=originalAt the present time, if you want to stay fit, you should do some of the other physical activities. People go for a walk, cycling, swimming, dance, and even join the gym also. But often it happens that they are not able to do these physical activities because of less time. Also, one may not be able to take time out for doing all these activities and going out to practicing these activities. So, there is one solution to this problem and that is Yoga. Because, once you have learned some essential yoga poses for beginners, you can easily practice them at home. You will not have to go out for a walk or running or gym or other such physical activities. All you will need is a yoga mat at home and some yoga asanas which you can regularly practice at home. For doing yoga you will only need 20 to 30 minutes. And, we are sure, that you can easily take 30 minutes out for practicing yoga at home.

From many years, we have been listening about the yoga practices and its benefits for our health. But there are only a few of us, who have really adopted the yoga in their life. For a healthy living, yoga is considered to be one of the best solutions, as it has cures of many health-related issues. Even in western countries, you can see that people are adopting yoga, so why not. Yoga was originated from here only, so we should try to spread more awareness about it. And that can be done only when we will bring yoga in our daily life. If you want to learn yoga, you can find many yoga centers in India, which can provide you complete knowledge of the yoga asanas. They will help you in learning yoga from the beginning to the advanced level.

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Now, let’s see some different yoga poses, that can be practiced daily at home.

  • Yogi Squat

To know how to do this yoga asana, you can read the instructions below:

Just like you do squats in the gym, this yoga pose is also like that only. You will have to begin with the standing position, with both your feet kept apart.
Now, just like you do in the squats, bend like that only. When you will bend, your hips should not touch the floor. There should be a gap in between both your legs. Your tailbone should be in between both your ankles.
Now in the same position, fold your hands from your elbows and bring them in the prayer position.
While your hands are in the prayer position, make sure that your elbows are touching your inner thighs.
Now exert pressure on your inner thighs, using your elbow only.
Remain in this position for around 20 to 30 seconds. You can repeat it again.

  • Corpse Pose Yoga

To begin with, corpse-pose yoga, follow the instructions mentioned below:

In the corpse pose, you need to lie flat on the yoga mat on your back.
Keep both your feet and legs away, whereas your hands will be touching both the sides respectively.
Keep both your legs and your hands in the resting mode, but your palm should be kept facing upside.
Being in the same position, you have to now close your eyes slowly and have to start breathing deeply and slowly using your nose.
All this while, your mind should be conscious, as you will have to now put your focus on your body parts. You can start from your forehead and can think of the other body parts, and then go till the feet. You will only have to focus on your body parts. But your position will remain the same only as mentioned above. Keep breathing slowly while doing this.
This will help in bringing your body parts in the rest position.
Initially, you may get distracted, but slowly you will learn to focus with practice. You can do this for around 5 minutes. Or if possible, you can do it for a long duration also.

  • Standing Side Bend Yoga Pose

    Here, is how you can do this yoga asana:

As this is a standing yoga position, so stand straight with both your feet on the floor. Keep both your feet together. While your hands will be kept straight on both sides.
Now slowly lift both your hands upwards while inhaling. Both your hands should be straight.
Now, slowly bend your right hand down towards your right side. While your left hand will be in the same position, raised upwards.
Slowly bend your body towards your right side while inhaling.
Hold this yoga position for few seconds like 20 to 30 seconds.
While exhaling, bring your body in the same position by bringing your left hand also down.
Repeat the same position with the left side also, where you will bring your left hand downwards first and then will bend your body towards your left side.
Repeat this position for 5 to 6 times.

  • Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Practice this different yoga pose, with the help of the steps mentioned below:

To start with this yoga, first of all, lie flat on the yoga mat with your back on the floor.
Now, start bringing both your legs towards your chest. While doing this your upper body should be flat and straight on the yoga mat only.
Fold your knees and bring them closer to your chest. And your legs should form a right angle when they will be bent from the knees, which means your calf should be straight. And your soles should face an upward direction.
Raise your hands straight and then using your middle finger and your index finger, grab the big toe of both your legs.
Now, try pulling your toes down slowly, so that the knees should come closer to the shoulders. While doing this, your hands should be straight, and your legs should be in the right angle only.
Hold, this position for around 30 seconds. While doing this keep breathing and then release the position.

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