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Yoga for health
Yoga is the most effective ways of maintaining healthier life. A large number of people prefer to spend a little time as possible on an exercise routine or yoga. Inertia is one of the fundamental laws of nature, and the tendency of not doing any effort for the maintenance of health is very wide spread.......
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What is yoga?
Yoga means, union. its a union of a self consciousness & universal consciousness.
it contains three main branches: yoga poses,pranayama (rhythemic breathing) & meditation.
by following all disciplines of yoga with proper guidance of qualified teacher one can get healthy & long life,flexible &strong body, calmness & peace of mind & eternel bliss.
so practice yoga daily & get full benefit of your life.....
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Yoga exercises
Yoga exercise is an ancient indian therapy to healthy living. it is a vast branch containing yoga postures, pranayama (controlling the breath). hatha yoga (power yoga) & a lot more.
regular & gradual yoga practice with right guidance, heals & controls your body, mind & soul. it is also done for attaining higher spiritual goals.........
so check out it for the details
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Vriksasana word has taken from the Sanskrit word “vrisks” which means tree and “asana” means yogic posture. While, performing Vriksasana it gives the true feeling of Tree standing. Tree Pose is a balancing yoga pose. It is one of the easiest yoga asanas to perform and popular in modern yoga as exercise.

Benefits of Tree Pose:

• Tree pose stretches the thigh, Shoulders, and groins.
• Doing Tree Pose regular builds strength in our body.
• It tones the abdominal muscles.
• It calms and relaxes the cen

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Learn about 500-hour yoga teacher training Goa.


The 500 Hour yoga teacher training in Goa is concentrated to a decent chance to extend your Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga practice. The course incorporates the examination and routine of Asanas (Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha), Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, and Adjustment Workshop.

In the event that you have a fundamental learning of Asana and arrangements, at that point, you can do the 500-hour yoga instructor instructional class in just two months.

500 hour

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Yoga Poses for Daily Routine

9078798684?profile=originalAt the present time, if you want to stay fit, you should do some of the other physical activities. People go for a walk, cycling, swimming, dance, and even join the gym also. But often it happens that they are not able to do these physical activities because of less time. Also, one may not be able to take time out for doing all these activities and going out to practicing these activities. So, there is one solution to this problem and that is Yoga. Because, once you have learned some essential y

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