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Yoga Teacher Training - Sukhasana Yoga Pose

The simple that means of Sukhasana is to take a seat well. during this posture, we have a tendency to simply sit well. Therefore, this posture is called Sukhasan.One will say that Sukhasana is that the pathway to any or all Yogasanas. this is often terribly straightforward Asan. however even for this follow is important.
Sit well on a blanket or carpet. Bend each your knees. you'll sit in any position you're feeling snug. the sole factor you need to keep in mind is that your waist, back and neck ought to be straight in one line. The body mustn't be bent. The backbone ought to be straight. Keep your hands as you're feeling snug.
In foreign countries and even in our country, those who work or eat or pray sitting on chairs, realize it troublesome to take a seat on the bottom bending knees. they must act this posture slowly particularly within the starting. Then alone will they well do Sukhasan.
There is another technique for Sukhasan. Bend each the knees and keep the legs vertical. The left foot ought to be unbroken towards the correct facet and also the right foot towards the left facet. Hold each the knees with each your hands and catch hold of the wrist joint of 1 hand by the opposite.
If you prefer, you'll tie your knees or waist with a towel. Your hands would then stay free.
People living in villages bind their waist and knees whenever they sit for an extended time during a village assembly.There area unit three benefits during this quite sitting. the primary is that it keeps the waist straight, second is that hands stay free. They use their hands for gesticulations whereas talking within the village assembly. The third advantage is that they will sit well for hours along.
We can sit well for hours along within the Sukhasan. this is often the best posture for repetition of Mantras (Japa) Meditation (Dhyan), Worship of God (Pujan), singing of God’s name (Bhajan), and conjointly for taking food. No pain or dissatisfaction or worry or discomfort is felt whereas seated during this posture. This asana, helps the backbone to stay healthy. The waist and lower region of the waist become versatile.

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