Yogasth Bhava

Yogasth bhava
I am going to tell you something about the upcoming course that is Yogasth Bhava, which is known as Yogasth Foundation course.

What is this Yogasth foundation course?
What are the benefits?
Who should do it?
What is the ultimate purpose?
Know the state of your nature, inherent nature, your savbhava
How you can stay centered all the time?
How you can stay in bliss all the time while engaging in worldly activities?


  • What is the core/what are the crux doing Yogasth Foundation course?
  • Yogasth foundation course is about gaining back your centeredness.
  •  It is an art and science of remaining in equilibrium, in balance.
  •  It is an art and science of knowing your deeper self just by practicing a few tips, the two great meditative Kriyas that will be taught to you in the course.


To know YOGASTH you need to know “Yogasthta”. It is a state of being. If you pay attention everything in-universe in its original form is in a state of yoga. The Yoga must be understood properly, yoga means unity, totality, joining, being centered, living in equilibrium, living in balance, living in peace, harmony, and bliss.

Yogasth Foundation course

In this Yogasth Foundation course which is the foundation to you entered into the spiritual world, to enter into the world of bliss, to enter into the world of a higher wisdom.  Foundations as you know a very first step or the platform where you get into the train to make your journey to reach your destination.

Yogasth Kuru Karmani

Yogasth Kuru Karmani as I always say, once you get to your center, once you establish in yourself, once you maintain inner calm and peace than you do whatever you want to do in the world, in the world of activities. And that is the beauty of this course that you will learn, and there are more secrets and some very practical tips and techniques that you will learn.

Being Yogasth you may say is the highest of the thing, is the highest of the activity that you can do.

There comes a verse in Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 6, Verse 46

tapasvibhyo ’dhiko yogī
jñānibhyo ’pi mato ’dhikaḥ
karmibhyaśh chādhiko yogī
tasmād yogī bhavārjuna

Where lord is saying and asking Arjuna to become Yogi. How to become Yogi? Just by doing some asana, pranayama you become yogi?

NO, it is an art, it is an art to stay eternally in your inner peace, bliss, harmony, and that is what Yogi once he/she starts living in Yogasthta, he reaches his/her destination peacefully.

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