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Abraham Lincoln was a regular citizen, born in poor conditions in Indiana, self-educated himself to become a lawyer who cared for the people. At an age in which people lose their youth, power, and sense of purpose—he became the President of the United States of America who preserved the Union, strengthened the federal system, led America through its greatest crisis, and modernized the economy.

So had he accepted his poverty as the reality of his life, would he have self-educated himself? Had he seen his career as his reality would he have entered politics to serve the citizens? Had his ego magnified by his achievements would he have put in all he had to abolish slavery? You know why some of us live like ordinary people and some ascend to become great souls who become immortal. Most of us accept our challenging life conditions and do not do enough to turn challenges into opportunities for success.

Some people of our kind did not get any work because they had demanded genuine pay for their hard work. I spend most of my life fighting the higher castes and once almost got killed during the struggle. I still carry a rebellious spirit in this birth. We are controlled by our body, thoughts, emotions and Maya so we cannot see our true nature, experience our inner reality and express the potentials within us fully.
Yogi Buddhadeva teaches one and all how to discipline your thoughts, release your emotions, get life into a balance at all levels, and bring out the yogasth within you. Yogasth is formed by two words—Yog + Stith . Yog here means a lot of things which bring balance in oneself and in the Universe. Stith means established. To be established in a balanced state is the inner reality of humans, nature, and the Universe.


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