Mantra Chanting: Kailash Ki Shakti Shiva with Devedas, Satyadevi and Anandini

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Devadas, Satyadevi and Anandini singing the Shiva Kirtan "Kailash Ki Shakti Shiva". At Yoga Vidya there are many seminar offerings about mantra and music. Have a look at: . The Kirtan is in the Yoga Vidya Kirtan book number 268. Let yourself be touched and inspire by the devoted and heart-opening offering. Just sing along ! The text reads as follows:Kailash Ki Shakti ShivaShankara Ki Jaya JayaYamuna Ki Jaya JayaGanga Ki Jaya JayaOm Namoh ShivayaNamah ShivayaShiva translates as the "auspicious", " the lover " and " the Good ". He symbolizes the power of transformation, the personification of the power of universal destruction. The one who terminated existence and let new ones appear. Sometimes he dances the dance of creation, as Nataraja. The feminine aspect of Shiva is Durga, the universal mother. In our online shop you can also order the books Kirtan, the booklet or the music book than A4 or A5. Here is the link to browse More information about yoga, meditation and training and further education look at English Videos as well on Follow the next live Yoga Vidya Satsang on Saturday 20 - 22 pm at

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