Shavasana - Yoga Relaxation Pose Variations

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Find out your best relaxation Position: Carlotta and Sirkka demonstrate different variations fo Shavasana, the Yoga Relaxation Pose. Try it out, and see which Asana is best for you. If you are a Yoga teacher: Show these variations to your students - in this way everybody can really relax. Whether somebody has back pain, headache or other problems - relaxation is a powerful healing agent. Finding the proper posture for it is essential. More on Yoga, Yoga Video, Yoga Forum, Yoga Blog - Meet many Yogis and Yoginis from all the continents.

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  • This is an excellent video with lots of good tips for students to try. Another variation I like is to roll a small towel and put it at the back of the neck when laying on the back - good for students with a rounded back and a big space behind the neck.
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