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Bhadrasana opens the hips. It helps for better meditation posture. Bhadrasana also opens the lower two Chakras and lets the energies flow.

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Bhadrasana - Yoga Asana for Hip flexibility: Sit on the floor. Put the soles of your feet together, your knees apart. Put your hands around the feet. Let the knees go up and down a few times for warming up. Afterwards imagine that your knees go down towards the floor. This opens up the hip joints and helps the crossleg...ged positions like Padmasana, Siddhasana etc. More to follow...

Making progress in Bhadrasana, butterfly: Once you are in the posture, push gently with your hands onto your knees. Relax the inside of your legs. Don't go up and do, but use a continous gentle push. Many photographs of butterfly on
. Bhadrasana helps for hip... flexibility and for sitting cross-legged much better and for longer periods of time.

Make fast progress in Bhadrasana, butterfly, by pushing the hands onto the knees, while leaning your back against the wall. Try it out - it really works. Relax your legs, and push with your hands. First do it gently, then increase steadily...

Bhadrasana, butterfly: A more advanced variation: Once you manage to keep your knees on the floor, you can bend forward...

Photos of some advanced variations of Bhadrasana, butterfly. Please be careful when trying - they are challenging indeed...

Find more photos like this on Yoga Vidya International
Advanced variation of Bhadrasana for Hip Flexibility: If you manage to put your knees down in Bhadrasana basic posture (see previous posts), then you can try to pull the soles of your feet to your abdomen... Be gentle and nice to yourself...

Developing hip flexibility for easy cross-legged position and Padmasana: Lie on the floor. Put the soles of your feet together. let your knees fall towards the sides and the floor. Put your hands on the thighs. Gently allow the knees to go down further and further. You can do this when going to bed and when waking up - or at any point in your Yoga Practice.


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