Common asanas to be fit and fine

what could some common asanas which helps one to be fit and fine?
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?

Katerina: Surya Namaskar every morning and you will be fit and fine :)

Shoumava: Ardha chandrasna, Padahastasana, ardhamatsyendrasnana and Surya Namaskar

Natasha: the trick to good health is to have first and foremost a very good aerobic system .
Almost everyone unconsiously does shallow breathing .
One should have strong lungs and clean lungs . You are to practice pranayamas so that most of t...he time you are breathing deeply ,at a slower pace and in proper rhythm .This rhythm should not change with emotions and that indicates control on mind .
Being Fit is a state of mind . I have seen Olympic champions who are totally unfit because they ahve a problem with the mind and attitude ..

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  • All of the twists are good. I love cat pose, for synchronising breathing and stretching.
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