I have just started doing yoga from Yoga Vidya video with Chakra.I have find myself more relaxed mentally. I would like to know if it also helps in health :) Please let me know. Here is the one I do: Yoga Class Intermediate 30 Minutes - Chakra Concentration ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtcTLvdp6rg )

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  • Yoga promises to improve your health and spiritual level. Many people turn to it because they are looking for a spiritual boost. There is much information available online about the health benefits of yoga. But it can be difficult to know which pose will be most effective in aiding your physical health, whether or not it will help with your emotional balance, and whether or not it will help with certain kinds of pain. you can read deeply in this article about all chakras click here to read more.

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  • If it relaxes you, I think you have found your answer - that is good for your health. Stress is bad, relax is good

    • Yes , The main aim of chakra meditation is to normalize the over-activated, depleted, imbalanced chakras. It mainly aims to balance and energize all the chakras for proper physical, mental and spiritual health. There are seven main chakras, four in our upper body, which govern our mental phenomenon, and three in the lower body, which govern the instinctual domain of our being. The names are Muladhar chakra, Swadhisthan chakra, Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra, Visuddhi chakra, Ajna chakra and Sahasrara chakra.


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