A mountaineer standing at the pinnacle of a mountain can look down and see all the paths he
could have taken to secure the zenith, and from his lofty perspective is capable
of mapping these routes.

Can the same be achieved by a person somewhere en route or is this a recipe for endlessly
exploring many dead ends?

Is it even possible to attain "Yoga" whilst deviating from the ancient, clear and precise practices of each of the paths to

Is "Modern Yoga Practice" a path to "Yoga"?

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  • What is 'modern yoga practice", in your view?

    • "modern Yoga-Practice" are inventions like Hot Yoga, "Ashtange Vinyasa" renamed "Flow" being turned into something like "steam room yoga" based aerobics, which has turned into physical exercise only, not much to do with "Yoga" as such anymore.

  • Picture's .... pictures of "me" dear valued friend, only pictures were meant, nothing else and certainly no "human foam" - "lords figure" is only picture and same time one minute part of  "lord" himself, which is all and everything!


    Agreed and thank you!

  • Dear MK,

    We all know that our existence belong to the Supreme Power the Brahma or can say we are a part of Lord Shiva and Shakti and are not separated.

    The one side you are claiming that you admire and has deepest devotion to the Lord Shiva and believe as such “Aham Brahmashmi Detiyo Nasti” but the very next you say that you do not want to present false identity. How this could be a false, Brahma could never be a false Identity. So it shows that you are in a false state and you neither know yourself nor the Lord Shiva and hence it seems you are having illusions around and hiding yourself by such image.

    Since you are in human foam of spiritual state and without a body there is no objective of Brahma or Lord. Mind it my dear that if one who covers himself by Lord’s figure does not matter much but beholding that state is more important.

    If a Fox covers it by a Lion’s Skin do not turn him like a Lion but omit its own image instead. In respect to Self pride I would say here that it depends upon ones total image and interactions with other whereas to represent “I” does not mean that one is having self pride all the times but it is a word to address himself or herself only that’s it but to give up being self is very hard that can only be taken away through Sadhana.  So how you want to live it is up to you.

    Good Luck MK


    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda


  • "I would also like to suggest you to get uploaded your own photo instead of Lord Shiva, Why you are hiding yourself behind it?"


    So, sorry my dear Kriayananda Maharshi Dayananda.... believing in the wisdom of the holy scripts, there is no "me" as this "me is you and you are this me and we are all together, "I" am "hiding" behind Sadgurudev Shavaji, because this "I" admires him with all thy heart and deepest devotion and believes that there is no "me", no "I" that is why this "I" doesn't like to present a false identity to the forum or anyone, as this "me" doesn't matter at all but is product of selfpride and selfishness, displaying photo of oneself is (to me) like making puja to the illusionary "Me" - thank you!

    and now keep on walking and remember: "om shanti, shanti, shanti'he"!



    - hari om -


    Hari om,

    I feel Yoga is not ancient nor is it modern. It is timeless. Of course it has be practiced for ages, but it is in itself timeless like Brahman.


    The term "modern" is an adjective that can be referred to the world of technology. For technology has changed throughout the times. But the human has not really evolved into a better human. The human is the same as before.  


    Today people often like to practice Yoga for a certain purpose. Yoga is often seen as a means to an end. It is like treating Yoga as a technical instrument that can do this or that.  People want to use Yoga to achieve this or that. Like Yoga against stress, Yoga for arthritis, Yoga for relieving psychological problems, Yoga for managers, Yoga for heart conditions etc.


    The thing is that Yoga is not just for this or that. It always affects the whole being. But today people like to focus on certain aspects exclusively. They think that this is a more intense, better or modern approach to Yoga and also other disciples. But they see only a small part of the whole or split the whole into parts but don't put the parts back together to make a whole.


    Another aspect is that people want to achieve things quickly. They seek fast track routs to achieve certain effects in Yoga. There are people who even sell samadhi.  For more money you can experience samadhi faster. Oftentimes people think of the end-result before even starting and they ask themselves what is there for me in it? It is a very ego-centric approach towards Yoga.


    I believe that we should practice Yoga in a way that is achievable for us. We should be honest and practice regularly. We should not crave for results. We will achieve them anyway at the right time. The less we are bothered about it, the better we will evolve. We need a Guru for guidance and we have to put our love and dedication into our practice.


    Since many people have so many problems in their lives, it is essential to have a simple approach towards Yoga and to go deeper after being involved with it. The contents of the scriptures are timeless but they need to be explained in a simple language. That is being done a lot. I feel  Yoga should be practiced as a whole and not just as a means to an end. Our love and dedication towards our practice is more important than complicated rituals or harsh practices that were performed in earlier times.


    • Practice Atma Vichara or Self Inqiry for real tapas - but it's the nature of the gunas that people WANT to SEE results quickly, if there are no "results"... many tend to fade away, but once jiva or atma is "baptised" in the "river" OM, the student will return, cause everyones atman is craving for unity and the tool is YOGA !


      Atma Vichara is to 'see' where the mantra or any thought arises and to be merged in that source, that is the goal!

      • If you want to have experience and perfection in Mantra sadhana then you will have to bow down to the feet of Sadgurudev with full of devotion and plea for dickcha on desired mantra. If you are lucky and passed the tests he applies on you then I hope you will receive dickchha and can proceed for Sadhana. Siddhi or Perfection in sadhana depends upon your continuity, determination and selfless devotion with pure faith. But mind it all functions as per advised by Sadgurudev shall be perform by yourself only. If you are not getting success in your sadhana then should consult your Sadgurudev and ask the reason behind he will definitely erase the obstacle coming in your sadhana or help you by providing right advice to perform sadhana because Sadgurudev takes total responsibilities of his disciples and want to see them to reach totality.

        Results always come as failure and success. If you perform in a right way, result will come in the same way and if you perform in a wrong way it will come in a wrong way so results always come as per inputs, outputs have to come. No doubts.

        Take examples of our scientists and their total devotion and determination toward to their targets and hence we are now able to enjoy material life. The developments of science have revealed the sadhana of the scientists how deeply they went through and got succeeded. Similarly,

        You can take examples of Lord Krishna, Ram, Vivakanada, Aadha Sankracharya had to receive dickchha from their Sadgurudev to get totality in their life and got succeeded and hence we worship them as our Lord.

        I am telling you this is not just a mere example but it is my own experience too in spiritual path and still walking on it. I wish you to get a Sadgurudev in you life and experience the divine powers soon.

        I would also like to suggest you to get uploaded your own photo instead of Lord Shiva, Why you are hiding yourself behind it? Try to face the world.

        I pray Lord Shiva to bless you soon by sending a Sadguru in your life.


        Kriayananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • The proof of any path is in the saints it produces. By that I do not mean any Baba who proclaims himself enlightened or the Avatar of the age. Rather, what is the effect it produces in those who practice? In someone like Sivananda or Yogananda, the effect was self evident, and evident also in those who truly followed them. "By their fruits you will know them."

    And if a particular path produced saints, one can assume, at least tentatively, that by following that path (really following it, not just dawdling on path) one can also attain the same transformation. Once Swami Brahmananda, Sri Ramakrishna's disciple, told a follower, "Assiduously practice meditation for three years, and then complain to me if it doesn't work."

    Real Yoga is timeless, neither ancient nor modern, as it deals with the aspects of the individual that are common to all ages.

    • Agreed, as potato is potato, so yoga is yoga and "truth is a pathless land"...!

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