Regularity is of paramount importance for meditation, most Masters agree. Often, aspirants report that it is hard for them to meditate daily. Do you have any advice for them? What helps you to stay regular in your meditation? What would be your advice for meditators how they can come to a regular meditation practice?

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  • hari om Sukadev ji,

    well, I can ensure regularity when I focus on the Guru. The Guru always reminds me that I should be good and do good. It is the love, humility, knowledge and the true love that hinders me from disappointing Him or Her. I think it is very important to have a Guru who has gone the way that we are tredding. The Guru knows the pitfall, the sensitive parts on the path and guide you. So, for me it is the Guru. If I do not have a physical Guru, then try connecting with your own divinity within by chanting. Also singing is a method to feel the divine vibrations. They evoke a feeling that I should please them. I think that when we have a Guru, we try to please the Guru and by doing that we develop cotinuiity and ultimately success.

    However, if you have difficulty being regular, then I feel we should think of someone who is near and dear to our heat; a person who wants us to prosper or succeed. Then again, I would please this person and be regular in my practice. It is an expression of love towards the loved one. So it is basically love to the beloved that transforms into bhakti. So the love becomes more pure and divine.

    Another way to ensure regularity in our practice, is to try to stay healthy. We can do this by eating healthy food, having enough rest and exercising. We should also cultivate good relationships to our friends and loved ones. So life has to be geared towards balance which helps us to stay on track with our regular spiritual practice.

    Another advise would be to eat satvic food and to avoid garlic and onions. Garlic and onion can have a tamasic effect on the body and make us lazy to do our practice.

    But as mention above, I cannot do all these practices without being intuned with Guru. It is the Guru's or God's grace that helps us to move on consistantly.
  • Spiritual Diary and self-discipline.
    I can't imagine not meditating every day.
  • hello sukadev
    when we do meditate dailly then our biological clock be reset on that dailly time pattern.we should do meditate regularly.if we miss due to some avoidable reason then we can do also active meditation u know that is to be aware to all the activties.we can also do that meditation in visualisatin if we r sitting in car
  • Self discipline is the key to my practice. Amrit Vela is the Satvic Time of the day. Sadhana Has shaped my life and allowed my soul to blossom. If I dont stay regular in my practice I am not living to my full potential. If I dont do Sadhana I am selling my self and all those around me short. Sadhana has healed my soul. The progress is profound. The spiritual unfoldment is priceless. If I miss that, Im missing my self. Try Doing a spiritual practice like yoga as prescribed for a period of at least 40 days and you will see the change in you life. Those around you will take note. Do it for 120 days it becomes habitual and when someone steps in to the radiance of your auric field it will change them. I pray that every one will do your part and serve your self this gift and by doing so you will serve everyone else in turn.
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