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I am an artist engaged in creating abstract spiritual paintings getting inspiration from our scriptures like the Vedas, Upanishad, Geeta etc. In most of of my works I have used the Lotus to express my divine thoughts and tried to create an environ of serenity that may lead our mind towards enlightenment and the ultimate bliss.

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

By Yoga I mean to get 'Yukta 'or 'attach' our mind towards the God . It can be done only by detatching our mind from mundane activities and divert our five senses towards spiritual affairs. In this regard we all know that spiritual paintings play a great role to turn our mind in the realm of divinity and this I consider to be another path of Yoga.

More about me:

I am a Kolkata, India, based free lance spiritual painter. It is found that only materialistic advancement could not bring peace and harmony in our society otherwise there would have been any hatred & hostility, war & annihilation in countries where technical and modern development prevails. So in this regard, one should try to his mind towards the Ultimate Truth.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

' Sarbam khalu idam Brahma' . The Sanskrit words meaning God is omnipresent, i.e., He is everywhere, within everyone. So I feel there should not be any hatred within ourselves since we are the sons of the same God and we should love each other and elevate ourselves towards the Supreme Bliss


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  • Thank you for the opportunity to view your work.
    Wonderful! May you always know the gift that you are.
    Om Shanti,
  • Thank you for your message. Beautiful paintings!
    I am the assistant to Syamarani dasi who is an amazing artist. Please see her website:
    Hare Krsna
  • Thank you, and may God bless you...
  • Namaste,
    Oh Karunamoy, my delight. What a beautiful world in your pictures!
    OM Katja
  • thank you.
  • are you on line still now? do you work so late at night ?
  • Hello KARUNAMOY,

    You are welcome! And of course they carry alone a lot of power associated to the sacred and symbolic semantic. It is me who is honored as you allowed me to see them.

    My kindest regards, mjf
  • Hello KARUNAMOY,

    Your paintings are beautiful and very inspiring. You are very good in making those transparency (accurate) effects.

  • Namasthe Sri Karunamoy ji !!!
    Thanks a lot .Your paintings are absolutely beautiful .
    Shall keep in touch with.
    warm regards
    Ayurvedacharya Dr B Rajeev
  • hello from Romania!
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