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... am a Yoga Practicioner, ... am a Yoga Teacher, ... am an Ayurveda specialist/consultant/practicioner

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yoga, ayurveda, jeweller

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indian classical yoga

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iam a traditional ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher from india and living in germany.


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  • Thank you for asking. I'm getting better... :)
    I send you friendship and love from Düsseldorf,
    your sister Susanne
  • Hi, I’m glad to meet u too. Love and peace
  • Fine! Hope you are well. i invite you to join our new spiritual network =MMM=
  • Thank you for your friendship! Things are very hard here in Greece, but I am a "warrior" ! Of course I have my periods of "depression" but good friends and LOVE I am strong again after few days! I wish you a beautifull and relaxed weekend! Namaste Krishna!
  • Ram, Ram
    Ironically enough, my grandmother is from Ulm, Germany but I have not visited. And I have spent many months numerous times in China and Tibet, but have not been to India yet. I will be staying with our best friend in Pune and Haridwar next year. But I have circambulated Mt. Kailash and Lake Manosorovar in 1993! Jai! Om Namah Shivaya!
    Oh what an experience and blessing. To have bathed in the ice cold Lake and gone through the 18,000 foot pass. The boons, spontaneous manifestations and dreams were incredible.
  • Hello Krishna, Here is a link to his courses in Holland (in Dutch I think) for Sept and October 2009.
    I do not see his courses in Germany for this year. I will speak with Pieter and let you know about 2009 or 2010, and give you his German contact. He spends the Winter and Spring in India painting.
    Shubh early Diwali!
  • Hi Krishna,
    I know very well that a lot of ignorant people is around in the world, but it's important to open their eyes about the real meaning of Yoga and's not gymnastic, it's not some special medecines, they are a style of Life and a style of Being.....
    with all my friendship, Carla
    ps: we will speak about all next time
  • Namaskarr,
    Shubh Navaratri! (albeit a little after)
    Here is an original painting by my Tantric painting teacher, Pieter Weltevrede. Harish Johari from Haridwar was his teacher. He is coming to Seattle this November, and he teaches in Germany too. Let me know if you would like to be introduced.
    blessings to you!
  • Hi, I am well thankyou.....x.............Blessings.............Namaste........x
  • Hi and Namaste
    thank you very much for your kind regards, from your photo I've seen that you're not German..........for Indian people is so natural to work with Ayurveda and Yoga! Please give your knowledge to other people who want to evolve in spiritual issue, in this period everybody needs a new style of life.
    Blessing and Prayers, Carla
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