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  • Greetings Saradanandaji,

    Thank you for connecting as a 'friend.' I hope that will be so in the future and that we might meet up somewhere along the way. The nearest to you in London on my UK summer Mantra Workshop tour of the UK was in Westcliffe-on-Sea (Southend). Now I am in Scotland for three workshops up here before my five-day residential near Glastonbury in late July.

    Here's to a hopeful meet up one of these days.

    Muz (Baba)

    Check out my website on: www.mantra-yoga.com
  • To experience the Lord,s presence in these time it is very dificult,then without experiencing how one can surrender?

    Now a days there are many fakes as So called Gurus and Teachrs around, every now and then they are getiing exposed by media ina big way ,so it becomes difficult for normal people to surrender to any one or any teaching.

    Spirituality is commercialised in a big way and being used to exploit innocent believers to a big extent by organised institutions and religions.

    whom u can trust totally ?

    it is better to have faith in our own self first , build it up and March forward slowly to have xperience in spiritual life and slowly learn to surrender to the real traditional knowledge and grow up step by step

    I just felt writing this way-pranams
  • the more understanding you develop the more helpful becomes your actions
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