Chakrasana ( Wheel pose )

Chakraasana (wheel pose): Lie flat on your back with legs straight on the floor. Bend your legs from the knees and with the help of the hands, bring the heels as close to the hips as possible slowly raise the body and arch the back, allowing the crown on the head to support the weight of the upper body. Putting pressure on the palms, raise your body from the floor arching the back straight then the knees further by moving the trunk towards the head let the head hang hand between the straight arms. Hold the final position for as long as is comfortable slowly lower the body so the head rests on the floor and then lower the rest of the body. This is one round repeat 3 times.Benefits: This asana tones up the nervous, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and glandular systems. This asana keep dislodged navel at its right position.Caution: while lifting the body leave the neck loose or else there is fear of a sprain in the neck. People with any illness, during pregnancy and weak wrists should not practice this asana. To know more log on to
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