Yogagurusuneelsingh in Bow pose

Dhanurasana (Bow pose): Lie flat on your stomach, with the legs and feet together and the arms and hands beside the body. Bend the knees and bring the heels close to the buttocks. Place the chin on the floor clasp the hand around the ankles. Take a deep breath and raise your head trunk and legs above the round in order to left legs, pull hands and legs in opposite, direction support the entire body on the floor. Hold the position for as long as is comfortable and then slowly relaxing the legs; lower the legs, chest and head to the starting position. Do it minimum 3 times daily.Benefits: This asana helps to improve digestion by stimulating gastric secretions. The liver abdominal organ and muscles are massaged. This asana is recommended for the management of diabetes, menstrual disorders and neck pain. Caution: Patients of colitis, hernia and slipped disc should avoid this asana. Heart patients and hyper tension patients should avoid this asana also. To know more log on to
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