2010... YES!!!

Hello my beautiful souls!Happy new year (a little late, but better late than never), and let me assure you, this year is going to bring much encouragement, hope, forward motion, drive, positivity and you will need all your strength, your health, your positivity, to move with the flow of this AMAZING year.The "stuck" energy of 2009 is over ~ full blast forward.Let us together now, make a decision to be kind, to be helpful to others, to trust that we are enough, we have enough, and that we know enough... to be a part of this world's highest, most aware energies, of "back to balance".What is better in your life today, compared to a year ago? or two years ago, or 5?Regardless of your current circumstances, can you now please put a spot light on what is BETTER, more in harmony, or more in balance in your life?Acknowledge it, appreciate it, whatever it may be... please take a breath and when exhaling the breath out, say quietly or aloud "Thank you". You are thanking the highest good, the most loving force within you, you are thanking your soul for showing up, even when it is difficult, you are thanking the universe for moving you into a new day, a new chapter, a new millennium.We are in this boat together :) When one of us is down in the dumps, we help each other, we help each other become happier.Your success, your fulfillment is BEAUTIFUL. You don't take anything away from anyone else, by being successful, you INSPIRE others by being truly successful, it shows others that it is possible, so go and do what you LOVE to do, go and feel fulfilled! If you don't know what truly fulfills you yet, that's okay... just ask inside of yourself. " What would I like, what do I enjoy, what brings a smile to my heart...?" The answers will come. Keep asking. You are unique, and very important to this world. Don't you forget it! :) You don't need ANYONE'S permission to be happy. It is your birth right.Happy 2010!xoxoSolvei
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