All about Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious is not something out of order, it is a normal emotion. Thus, having anxiety is not a big deal but anxiety disorder is.

Many people do not know the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder. A lot thinks that anxiety disorder is as inconsequential as anxiety, and several others think of anxiety as a mental disorder. See! So much perplexity. Woof!
Today we are going to tell you all about anxiety disorder which should be known by everyone. Furthermore, we shall also discuss how yoga can aid in anxiety disorder.

What is Anxiety Disorder?
Before answering this question, first, we should know about anxiety. In simple words, anxiety is an intense emotion or feeling about common circumstances or normal situation. When a person feels anxious, he\she breath faster, they feel exhausted, they sweat a lot, the heart beats faster, etc.

All of the above feelings are genuine and normal if you are going for a job interview, for an important exam, stage fright, getting married, having your first baby, etc. In fact, in some situations it is good to be anxious as anxiety triggers certain emotions which make a being extra alert.

However, if being anxious becomes regular and constant in your day to day life, it becomes anxiety disorder. In short, when anxiety becomes chronic, it develops into anxiety disorder.

Types of Anxiety Disorder
Every anxiety disorder patient cannot be treated the same way as it is not limited to a few symptoms or certain excessive emotions. It includes different types of conditions as anxiety disorder is of many types.
There are mainly five types of anxiety disorder which are mentioned below.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, widely known as OCD is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person has obsessive and persistent thoughts, or repeats certain behavior. For instance, obsessions or urges might include keeping things in a certain order and couldn’t stand it otherwise, or fear of germs or getting sick. Later such obsessive thoughts lead to the compulsions like excessive washing and cleaning because of the fear of germs.

In anxiety disorder, one cannot control its thoughts or actions. Executing the urges or obsession make the person feels relaxed. Therefore the chronic and unwanted thoughts lead to compulsive actions.

However, a person suffering from OCD does not repeat their action because they get pleasure from it. He\she does it because they cannot help it or quit it.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (or just PTSD) is a condition which causes by traumatic experiences like the death of loved ones, assaults, war, violence, etc. The symptoms of PTSD like having severe thoughts, nightmares, anger, being quiet or just sad, isolating themselves, etc can occur within one month of the occurrence of the event or even after a year of it. It can occur to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

The other symptoms of PTSD include avoiding the people, event or things that remind of that traumatic experience. Not trusting anyone, having negative thoughts and feelings about everyone including them, and showing excessive emotions of love or hatred, etc are some of the indications that points out PTSD in an individual.

Social Anxiety Disorder
Even if you don’t know much about this disorder, its name is telling its own story. As the name suggests, social anxiety disorder is a chronic condition in which an individual faces problems in interacting and communicating with people, in short, he\she does not feel comfortable while any social interactions. It makes them nervous, panic and anxious.
Rather normal things like making eye contact, talking to unknown people, eating or meeting in public, initiating conversations, etc feel quite difficult for the patient of social anxiety disorder.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder, also known as GAD, is a condition in which a person is overly apprehensive about everything in general. A person suffering from GAD anticipates and feels anxious about various issues like family, the health of loved ones, career, future or other issues when there is actually no evident reason to be worried.

In GAD, people feel helpless to stop worrying about everything. It is like a cycle for them which has no end.

Panic Disorder
Panic Disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person has recurring panic attacks that stays for a few minutes or longer. In this disorder, a person goes through extreme fear when there is apparently nothing to worry about.
Not every panic attack is disorder. When the panic attacks become extreme and chronic, it builds up into anxiety disorder.

Treatment of Anxiety Disorder
Most of the people do not consider anxiety disorder a serious condition. If someone is showing the symptoms of any kind of disorder, it is called a mad behavior, mental problem, or just a phase which will pass. No! It will not pass. Rather it will develop into something serious and hazardous. It is a medical problem and every person suffering from it needs medical attention.

Anxiety disorder can be treated well that let the people suffering from it to lead a normal and happy life. Besides, yoga can also be added to this treatment as it is extremely helpful.

How Yoga Can Help
Various yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation practice can alleviate the condition of an anxiety disorder patient. Many symptoms of anxiety disorder like negative thinking, anxious thoughts, fearful and painful emotions, stress, etc can be relieved by the yoga practice. Yoga also helps in cleansing negative energies that might surround an individual because the ambiance and surroundings play a crucial role in an anxiety disorder patient.

Furthermore, yoga can be practiced anytime and anywhere. One can do yoga at home or join a yoga studio. Besides, a one-month yoga teacher training will be helpful too where you can learn about yoga practice under professionals.
All in all, anxiety disorder is like any other illness, if treated well, a person can get well soon and go back to its normal life. It is not an alien disease, it can occur to anyone. If you come across any patient of anxiety disorder, treat them the way you will treat any other sick person. Help them in every way you can.

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