ARE you enlightened SPIRITUALLY

ARE you enlightened SPIRITUALLY

Dear Spiritual Seeker


It is as I felt that we have been exchanging spiritual divine knowledge to each other which is itself a nice way to share the knowledge no matter whether they are received from holistic books or self experiences. My thought in this regard is whichever way for self-realization that must work and its influences as divine knowledge should be seen in the practitioner if we talk about MEDITATION, ASANAS, and MANTRA SADHANA etc.

If the one is not getting its results while remaining in meditation the then he must think on immediately that why he is not having such experiences, which are explained by legend sages and current holistic personalities in their books. Either you are involvement is somewhere unpractical or may be your guru is not as such who is guiding you to right way to enjoy the beauty and joy of Meditation. We should be very alert if one says that he does meditation. Because, he can only meditate who has attained the absolute rests are just doing practice to have a concentration to a particular point, picture and so on.

MEDITATION is to forget self-existence, no thoughts and this stage remains only during the period of meditation sadhana in which he experiences many things comes out automatically and are pure spiritually. When he speaks and perform any things look different to which common people react with a different way. It is also seen saying he became mad because they do not understand his stage of his spiritual samadhi and once it is completed and he uphold the totality within gradually come down from the climax yet his spiritual power remains as it is as he had received. The next he moves forward accordingly to accomplish further stage. So once such stage come he always remains in meditated state even in involvement of gross material functions. Meditation is to acquire the stage step by step, which have stated as upgrading from Baikhari to Mansa. (Baikhari, Madhyama, Pasyanti, Attal, Prana, Nirbija and Mansa)

Therefore, if some one says that he does MEDITATION looks somewhere lacking the true explanation about meditation, it is not a daily concentration practice for 20-30 minutes, and it gets completed. Off course, a regular practice is required to which one can say that he practices to get concentration on his thoughts, idols, point etc and want to unite with it to control over mind, body and Mann (Chitta). The sooner his soul gets Pured/Chaitanya control over these taking places automatically the then spiritual path begins in true way and retain in meditated state all the times. IT IS A SADHANA.

There are other parameters also as such habitual conducts and other as per rules ofYoga Sutra Yama Niyama.on that a sadhaka needs to follow genuinely. If one gets meditated while practicing then it is sure that divine experiences bring changes and he acts accordingly and if he is succeeded to up hold the situation nicely then can retain and starts a long journey on spiritual path. Here it begins.

I must say the experiences as divine knowledge counts when he is able to use them for strengthen his own life first and then to the society later on. The rare example is Lord Buddha who has accomplished the spiritual enlightment through meditation and spread the knowledge to his disciple further these disciples have propagated the same to the entire world which is still continued as GURU SEWA.

Similarly, the people who practice ASANA then asana should help to awake the internal subtle bodies, which effects must be seen in the practitioner’s behaviors. We all know that asana helps ones to keep him physically sound but if he is limited to only for physical health then I think YOGASANA is not necessary at all, other exercises may be helpful to him and according to the age, any one can practice them. Therefore, it is not worthy if one says he does YOGA and he is a Yogi because he becomes yogi later when he attains the state of absolute where miracle like changes take place automatically in him. Certainly one can say that he is a practitioner and does YOGASANA for attaining the state of YOGA.

Likewise, MANTRA SADHANA, if the one who has spiritually awakened already can perform mantra sadhana correctly because at that moment he has linked hiself with the Parabrhma and whatever he does that benefits come amazingly. This does not mean that one who acquired the knowledge from book cannot perform the mantraupchar (Ritual with the help of Veda Mantra) he can no doubt but it depends upon his involvement how pure he is spiritually. Pure saatwik (hygienically with good moral way) functions, puja, mantra-anusthan (a course of period) generate the good positive power to bring the situations much favourable to him so that he can perform the job well. It is for both Salvation and accomplishing the material gross wish.

The above stage can be received being as TRUE DISCIPLE and this stage is itself a great way to have GURUTATWA.

-Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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