Calcium Deficiency in the body

Modern lifestyle and excessive intake of food items like chocolate, cake, ice cream, cold drinks etc which contains extra sugar, is the main cause of calcium deficiency in the body. A study reveals that not only in old age people, but in adults also, this condition is increasing at a very fast rate.

Calcium is one of the most abundant mineral in the human body because 99% of calcium is found in the bones and teeth. While the remaining 1% is involved in the blood, tissues and intracellular fluids. Even taking calcium tablets for a long time doesn’t give any impressive results.

Daily consumption and absorption of calcium is essential to maintain optimal health. Eat foods which contains rich amount of calcium includes milk, egg, green vegetables, bean and nuts etc.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency
Fractures due to degeneration of bones.
Muscle cramps.
Numbness or tingling of the arms and/or legs.
Abnormal curving of the spine and humpback.
Joint pains.

What causes calcium deficiency?
The most common cause of calcium deficiency is not to consume optimal levels of calcium for an extended period of time.
Some nutrients like vitamin D, phosphorus or magnesium together promote calcium absorption and use. Less or no intake of these nutrients can also cause calcium deficiency.
Excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle in women.
Over consumption of food items contain excessive sugar.
Consuming essential amounts of foods rich in calcium.
Regular exercises.
Taking calcium supplements recommended by your doctor. Try to take 2 glasses of milk + 1spoon flax seeds + 1 cup of curd daily . To know more visit

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