Holiday~Winter Solstice~Reflection

Blessings to you all, my wonderful souls, wherever you are at this very moment reading this, I urge you to look around you. Find something that pleases the eye and flood what ever or whomever it is, with love and appreciation. We never know where we will be tomorrow. Life has many surprises, appreciate when you can, wherever you can. Love, is the word, Love is what this time on this earth requires and hungers for more than anything else. Compassion, understanding... Use your gifts, your talents with this Love in mind, know you are gracing our world every time you choose Love. Know you help raise the positive vibrations of our planet, every time you choose Love.I am there with you, in your hardships, in your struggles, in your sadness, but also there in your joy, in your excitement and inspiration and grace.Be better this holiday, listen to yourself, take 5 minutes to yourself, even in the midst of partying and family gatherings, look at the sky, see the beauty. Focus on the beauty, and know.. you ARE this beauty, the beauty you see in others, is also in you.Blessings to you my sacred friend xoxoxoSolvei
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