How can I stop thoughts while meditating?

Suppose you are meditating, you are in a peaceful state but suddenly a song starts in the background of your mind, I don’t need to explain how irritating this is. Meditation is a practice of bringing your attention in the present moment but a meditator is used to face these kinds of distractions whenever they try to established themselves in mindfulness state.

So, definitely a question arises that how can I stop thoughts while meditating?

To answer this question, first of all you have to know exactly what meditation is.

Meditation is a practice of focusing on present moment without effort. Note my point “Without effort”. If a meditator is trying to meditate and putting his hard efforts to be in the present moment, so, my friend, sad fully he is not meditating.
I know it seems really odd but it’s a true.

Remember the original essence of practicing meditation is to be aware in the present moment. If someone is struggling with his thoughts while doing meditation then he is not aware, Right?

So, How to deal with your thoughts while meditating?

If this question is still arising in your mind then, still now, you do not understand meditation. You need not to deal with your thought but you need to be aware of your thoughts just visualize your thoughts and do not zoom-in back to back a stream of thought will start but you only need to watch your thought and let it go do not interfere in this processing if accidentally you interrupted by a thought and spend a long attention with your that particular thought do not regret it’s normal just bring back your attention on a object (Breath, Mantra, self awareness, etc.) and proceed further.

Initially when you start doing meditation the interference of these thoughts will be very high but do not lose your hope just have patience and keep practicing day by day interference of your thoughts while you are practicing will reduce and you can achieve advance state of meditation.

You can also go for some meditation training classes where you can learn exactly, how to meditate.
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