If evil thoughts enter your mind, do not use your will force in driving them. You will tax your will. You will lose your energy. You will fatigue yourself. The greater the efforts you make, the more the evil thoughts will return with redoubled force. Be indifferent. Become a witness of those thoughts. Substitute divine thoughts. They will pass away.

By Swami Sivananda, from the Book Amrita Gita. Swami Sivananda lived from 1887-1963. He was one of the great Yoga Masters of the 20th Century who made Yoga available to a great public. Copyright of the texts of Swami Sivananda The Divine Life Society Rishikesh

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  • hariom , can any1 help me?? I have this problem tht i have no shradha , bhakthi, and faith in myself. I feel i am a GFN (good for Nothing) and because of this i am always ln the lookout how to imbibe these qualities so tht i can feel myself at peace. Any suggestion how i can improve myself??? What am i suppose do to eradicate this irritating thought of mine
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