If you are reading this article, you are already in yogic path or you are willing to pursue this path. In whichever side you are now, welcome to this beautiful, transformative, life changing, healing, unique experience.

I am Tugba, from Turkey. In the end of May 2019, I completed my 500 Yoga Teacher Training Course at Vinyasa Yoga Academy. In this article, I would like to share my own experiences on how to choose. a right Yoga Teacher Training Coursefor yourself. Since yoga has grown in popularity, yoga teacher training course has started to pop up everywhere. So, with lots of options for the trainings, you should watch out before deciding on which training you will choose.

Which training is the best one for you?

Step 1: Is your training registered by Yoga Alliance ?

Yoga Alliance is a non profit organization for yoga community and it sets standards and procedures for the trainings. If you want to become a qualified yoga teacher and teach yoga, it is important to attend a course which is registered to Yoga Alliance. Otherwise, your training will not be valid in many places.

Step 2: What kind of a yoga training do you want?

Think about your ideal yoga teacher training. Is it one which fundamentally focuses on asanas or both asanas and philosophy? Or the one with more focus on pranayama and meditation? Do you want a program which will be a transformational life experience? Also, do you want an intensive training which will be completed in 4 weeks or one which is extended over whole year?
You may not have a clear answer now but spend some time to discover your own need. Because, it is a big investment of both money and time.

Step 3: Deep dive the schedule of the training !

Not all teacher trainings are the same even though Yoga Alliance sets the procedures. Ask;
- How many classes of asana, pranayama, philosophy, meditation etc are included in the schedule ?
- Which pranayama techniques do they teach? - Which meditation techniques are included in the training? - Which style do they focus ? Iyengar, Yin, Vinyasa, etc?

Step 4: Get some information about teachers ?

Background of teachers is another important topic. Try to get an idea about experiences of the teachers, their educational background. However, it doesn’t always mean that a teacher with more experience is better teacher. If is it possible, before the training join a drop in class of the teachers.

In the end, my yoga teacher tnraiing experience at Vinyasa Yoga Academyhas been a wonderful, transformational life experience with excessive amount of new information. Since yoga is not only asanas, learning yoga here in this school with deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation has been a unique time of my life.
This will be a big investment for your life. Would you life to make it an extraordinary one? So, start to search for the right training and enroll without losing your time.

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