Flying (2)

To Kill Your Demons

« To Kill Your Demons » was completed on March 10, 2013, and is the 20th song written for the henceforth entitled « 30 Songs for the Sunny Season » project.

Basically, the main point of the song is that most-if-not-all experiences, apparent catastrophes included, can be interpreted positively as opportunities for growth.

Again, I plan to repost the following lyrics with an audio or video clip when time allows for the recording and production of proper demos.

verse 1
you were waiting for the right w

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On The Origin Of Flight

i remember, once, i couldn't walksure, i could move by myselfbut i couldn't walkperhaps, i didn't feel the need topossibly, i was happy crawling on hands and kneesyet, i could seeand from what i could see, others were walkingobviously, they had stood up, and they were walkingand i was not, but hey, i was happy crawlingand then one day, i don't remember whyi tried to stand up, but i couldn't and fell downand so i kept crawlingi could move by myself after allstill, i could seeand then, on another
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