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Upäsāna vs Vicharāna Marga

We generally hear much about Upäsāna i.e. the marga or path of worship and Vicharāna i.e. the path of enquiry. Many people have asked me about this, so I shall try to bring some clarity to it. Upäsāna is taken from the root word Upa meaning to be near and Asana to sit. Thus, it means to sit near. Upanishad were drawn from Upa meaning to be near and Nishad meaning to hear. In the ancient times and in some places till date, you can find Guru-Shishya parampara being followed and you can see discipl

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On The Origin Of Flight

i remember, once, i couldn't walksure, i could move by myselfbut i couldn't walkperhaps, i didn't feel the need topossibly, i was happy crawling on hands and kneesyet, i could seeand from what i could see, others were walkingobviously, they had stood up, and they were walkingand i was not, but hey, i was happy crawlingand then one day, i don't remember whyi tried to stand up, but i couldn't and fell downand so i kept crawlingi could move by myself after allstill, i could seeand then, on another
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