prana (2)


Join the tips of your middle and ring fingers to the tip of your thumb. This mudra may help you to eliminate impurities from your body: excreta, urine, sweat. It particularly works with your kidneys, problems with gas in the digestive system, constipation and piles, and diseases related to your mouth, nose, ears and eyes. There are indications that can enhance the health of your teeth, and perhaps help you to control diabetes.

Practice Apana Mudra 9078786885?profile=originalfor 45 minutes daily
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Bring the tip of your little and ring fingers to tip of thumb; relax the other two fingers. Bringing these three fingers together creates a special flow of prana that rejuvenates your body and mind.
Prana is basic vital energy within the body. This mudra can increase vitality if practiced regularly. It may help to strengthen both your immune system and weakened muscles
Many people find it helpful to practice when they are suffering from eye defects or diseases.
For healthier eyes: practice at lea
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