swami-sivananda (11)

On peace

‎‎"Peace is a quality of the soul. It fills the pure heart. Peace is in
 the heart of a desireless person who has controlled the senses and the
mind." Sri Swami Sivananda.
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Never worry

‎"All trials and difficulties are temporary. They will pass away. Have faith. Fear not. Worry not. Be cheerful. Contact God by regular Japa, Kirtan and study of holy books." Swami Sivananda.
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It's all the atman

Whatever he (the Yogic practioner) see with his eyes, let him consider as Atman. Whatever he hears with his ears, let him consider as Atman. Whatever he smells with his nose, let him consider as Atman. Whatever he tastes with his tongue, let him consider as Atman. Whatever the Yogi touches with his skin, let him consi...der as Atman. ~Swami Sivananda on Yogatattva Upanishad.

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Durga Puja or Navaratri

The festival of Navaratri ("nine nights”) is a worship of the divine mother Durga in several forms. Each night a puja is held, and there is chanting of the Navarna Mantra, "Om aim hreem kleem chaamundaayai viche namah". Durga also helps you to protect your spiritual practice from the distractions and pitfalls that you encounter regularly in worldly life. This link http://www.dlshq.org/religions/navaratri.htm is to Swami Sivananda's explanation of Durga Puja or Navaratri.

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Equanimity is equality or evenness of mind or temper. It is balanced mind in pleasure and pain, success and failure, honor and dishonor, censure and praise. Equanimity is composure of spirit, especially calmness and steadiness of mind, amidst trying circumstances... Samatvam or equanimity is Yoga. ~Swami Sivananda.

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March Forward

Never fall a victim to fruitless regret. Today is the best day. Today is the day of your new birth. Start Sadhana now. With folded palms, bid goodbye to past mistakes and faults. You have learnt your lessons. March forward now with new hope, determination, and vigilance. ~ Swami Sivananda

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Positive Overpowers Negative

Positive overpowers the negative. A positive thought drives off a negative one. Courage drives off fear. Love destroys hatred. Unity annihilates separateness. Magnanimity destroys petty-mindedness (jealousy). Generosity drives away miserliness and greed. Keep yourself always positive. You will have wonderful meditation. ~Swami Sivananda

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All One

Man is one. God is one. Love is one. Law is one. Realisation is one. We are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch. There is nostranger, no alien in this world. Everyone is God in the process of evolution. ~ Swami Sivananda

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