One lemon a day keeps doctor away.


Lemon water is very beneficial for our body in various ways. It is considered as rich source of vitamins and minerals. Experts suggest that lemon water is surprisingly healthy internal body cleanser to start your day with. Daily consumption of lemon water helps stomach to remove waste from the body.
Lemon water contains balancing quantity of water, protein, carbohydrates and sugar with lemon, which is a richest source of vitamin C. It also contains various vitamins such as Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. Here are some health benefits of lemon water.
Kidney stone
Lemon water is very beneficial in kidney stone. Generally, kidney stones come out of the body through urinary tract, but sometimes they stick to tract and block it. Lemon water could help in this situation.
For the people with high blood sugar levels, lemon water is considered to be a beneficial drink. This will helps to lose weight and hydrate body without increasing sugar levels.
Overcome Indigestion
Lemon water flushes out toxic components from the body. It stimulates liver to produce bile juice which helps in the process of digestion. It helps to relieve indigestion symptoms like heartburn, belching and bloating.
Skin care
Lemon is a natural antiseptic which have capacity to cure various skin problems. Daily intake of lemon water will give a new glow to your skin and removes wrinkles and blackheads.
Weight loss
Due to its high pectin fiber content, lemon helps to fight hunger cravings.Studies revels that maintaining alkaline diet will help to lose weight faster.
Controls high blood pressure
Lemon juice contains high potassium which is beneficial for people having heart problems. It helps to control high blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, mental tensions and depression etc. To know more

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