Prayer For March 1

Show me the way, Lord.I am always your student.I am always in love with you.I am always willing to change myselfto follow the deepest promptingsthat you have planted in my heart.Show me not the answer,show me the right questionsto ask. Show me what is rightand I will try as best I canto do it. I will fail, often.If I ask for something that does not help me,show me the error, and lead me to thatwhich helps me.Show me how to love, Lord.Many things pose as love;how do I sort my way through all the masksthat show themselves as lovethat are not love.Show me how to live my lifeevery day. I walk in a trance,I move without being awakeI act without a plan.My head is fuzzy; my limbs do not respond well.My walk is tilted.I don’t know when I’m hungry.I eat whenever my stomach hurts.I breathe air that I have spoiled.My spirit seems clogged. Though I want to flyI have no wings, I am too heavy to soar.Teach me how to recognize you, me listento know your voicewhen I hear it.A thousand teachings flood my sensesuntil I am falling over the ropes of wordsof those who claim to be wise.Cloudy mysticism is everywhere:“we are all one, god is in all of us,listen to the silence within you,”so many messages that do not bearon my experience of reality.I only know what my day presents,nothing more. I can feel my fellow humans,their fears and their dreams.I would serve and be served by themif I had something real to give.Show me what is real, Lord.Show me how to be involvedwith a work that is generous and clean.Show me how best to use my gifts,for you have given me so many,yet I squander themand am left with a greedthat controls me.Help me not to ask for help, Lord.Or help me ask for help,for it is confusing to know what providesdignity. Confusion is not dignityunless you sanctify my confusionas a worthy state.Show me what is possible, Lord.I would love to believe that anythingis possible.I need to have faith in Faith.My senses tell methat nothing is fixed, that the earthly worldswirls like a fluid dream. I want to knowwhat is true, Lord.If nothing is fixed, then nothing is impossible.Show me how to master it, Lord.At the depths of my heart, I long to master life.I long to master awareness itself.Show me my own mind, Lord.I don’t know who else to ask, but You.Everything is important, Lord.Everything. Show me how to wear myselfin the best light. Show me grace, show meall the things I have forgotten, all the things I knewwhen I was young, whan I was a child,before I lost my courage,before I knew what courage is,before I cared whether I won or lostor tied or died or lived wellor lost myself in dark valleys,before I learned to walk,before I learned to talkbefore I learned to think.Show me everything, Lord,show me all that I needand all that I can handleto create me as your heart’s desire.Show me how to make your heart’s desiremy heart’s desire,that I may walk alongside yousecure in the knowing of youas my friend and mentor.Show me, Lord, show me, show meI weep with desire, show mereveal it to me though it be too brightreveal it to me in the little bits that you deem right,any way you want to bring me into your heart,Lord, just show me.
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